A culinary geek is someone who is interested in food and drink – in the way that it tastes, the way it’s made, in the ingredients, in its origins.  They like to talk about food, to experiment with food, to share food with other people and see what they do with it.

Most of what you’ll find on this site will be my own recipes, and although I am a geek about food, I don’t have time to get all fussy about precise amounts of ingredients, and precise technique (except when it comes to espresso).  I want stuff to be fresh, to be flavorful, to satisfy the appetite I have at the given time, to do more than just fill my stomach, but I want to enjoy the process of preparing it.  Making food can be just as therapeutic as eating it.

If you’re intimidated by cooking, or just don’t enjoy it, then maybe it’s because you’ve been told again and again that you have to be a scientist in order to do it right, or that you have to have a special gene that you’re lacking, that somehow you have to have a secret and vast store of knowledge about turning ingredients into meals.  You don’t.  You just have to know what tastes good to you, and just a little about what kinds of things go together (which, again, is mostly up to you), and just a little about what to do with them.  Sure, you can elevate cooking to a highly refined art form that does require lots of precision and takes years to cultivate, but chances are, for the most part, you just want to enjoy your food and maybe even enjoy making it yourself.  This, you can do.